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About us

In 1921, the master precision engineer Amandus Keller founded his workshop directly at Hamburg's Michel and thus laid the foundation for the beginning of his success story.
After 1945, in addition to large projectors for shipbuilding, the company increasingly developed and built film processing equipment for film and sound studios all over the world.
Since 1985, we have been manufacturing high-quality and sophisticated precision turned and milled parts for a wide range of industrial applications on computer-controlled machines and assembling units to customer order.
Since 1993, the company has had its main location at the A23 exit Elmshorn and has been continuously growing and very successful in the field of special machines.

In 2019, we expanded our capacities for the development and assembly of special machine design, particularly in robot technology, with the move into our new Plant 2.

In 2021, we opened our Plant 3, an additional technology centre in the immediate vicinity of the company headquarters.

Thanks to our many years of experience and the high individual qualifications of approx. 50 employees, coupled with strong commitment, we now offer our customers worldwide state-of-the-art automation solutions with the latest generation of robot technologies.

We are already facing the challenges of tomorrow's market today. Talk to us!

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Business Unit Automation, Robotics and Special Engineering

Business Unit Manufacturing Precision Parts


Keller Feinwerktechnik GmbH

Keller Feinwerktechnik GmbH

Gewerbepark Süd / BAB

Fritz-Straßmann-Straße 2

D-25337 Elmshorn b. Hamburg


Telefon: +49 4121 / 7807-410

E-Mail: kontakt@keller-feinwerktechnik.de

Erfahrung und Qualität

•  Entwicklung und Konstruktion / Development and design
•  Prototypenbau / Prototype development
•  Sondermaschinenbau / Special machine design
•  Robotertechnologie / Robot technology

•  Automatisierungstechnik / Automation technology

•  CNC Fräszentrum / CNC milling centre
•  CNC Drehzentrum / CNC turning centre